Download Magisk Manager APK 7.2.0 and Magisk 19.2 ZIP

If you want to make a system less rooting on your device, here you are on the accurate page. Magisk Manager is an app that manages the system less rooting through Magisk. With it, you can unroot your device as well and also make any modifications in your system. So if you want to know how to have your hands on this very useful app, keep reading further.

Magisk Manager

What is Magisk?

Magisk is, in my opinion, is the best of all the root apps available over the internet to gain access on your Android device. Magisk is an Android utility that grants you a system less on your Android device and is managed with an application called Magisk Manager.

Magisk Manager is an app similar to SuperSU which is pre-installed on your Device after you have rooted your device. So basically, this app serves the purpose of unrooting your device and then rooting it with the help flashing and all seamlessly, i.e. seamless rooting. Also, you can make use of this app for the system less rooting on your device.

Features of Magisk Manager V7.2.0:

Magisk Manager, apart from not adding any additional files to your system, has a following of some major features which I would like to throw some light on.

  • You do not need to search on the internet for the ways to uninstall Magisk from your device. The option for the same is available on the app itself.
  • There appears to be a downloads section maintaining all your records.
  • You, with the help of Magisk, can make any changes in your system prop-files, including read files only. You can make changes in the build of your system.
  • With this very great feature from Magisk, you can actually hide the root from the games or apps such as Android pay, Pokemon GO, banking applications, etc. Not only this, but you can also cover up the root permissions from the application.
  • It is an open source root solution based phone’s SuperUser which is in turn based on CM Superuser. Magisk is easy to build and develop for and there is no limit to the functionalities that can add as it has a large developer and fan base as well.
  • If you wish to grant or deny the permission of any application, you can surely do that with MagiskSU. However, this option is worth the use only for Rooted Android devices.
  • It comes with Resetprop which allows you to make any modifications to system properties, including read-only props.
  • You can make any changes, any modifications in your system. And all this without even any effects on your device partitions.
  • In this application, there are different modules same as Xposed Framework you can install the modules on your device.

Download Magisk Manager and Magisk V19.2 Zip

File Name Magisk Manager
Developer Topjohnwu
Last Update   29/04/2018
Size 2 MB
Downloads 5Million+
Supports Android 5.0+


Magisk V19.2 Stable:


Magisk Manager  V7.2.0 : MagiskManager

Mostly bug fixes and small improvements, enjoy ?

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