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TikTok with its ban in India has largely disappointed users here. The main purpose behind creating an app like TikTok was to enhance and increase the social involvement of specifical youngsters and other people. However, due to pornographic content issues that may be hazardous to the immature population, the Indian Government took the appropriate decision of taking down the TikTok app from Google and Apple App Stores.

This ban, although morally righteous, has affected a huge population and because of which the developers have initiated to make TikTok available for Indian users through various means like TikTok APK and Third-Party App Stores to install TikTok. Thus even after the ban, if you are a person who is addicted to TikTok, can download TikTok in India with the help of the article below-


We, at, do not motivate any sort of illegal activities that may harm anyone or be against the laws. The article below mentions the methods of Downloading TikTok in India but it is completely up to the user to download TikTok in India or Not. Given methods are only for knowledge purpose.

What is TikTok?

TikTok, formerly, another worldwide famous application for the youngsters specifically, is an app where you can create videos of yourselves and show off your talents. The youth today does not even need to be introduced about what TikTok is. TikTok was the perfect platform where youngsters and even every age group people could achieve followers, increase their fan following and gain popularity.

TikTok is a Bytedance app where people put their videos syncing with various music, tones and dialogues over the globe. With the amazing features and popularity, TikTok had become one of the most used apps in India until the very heart-breaking decision of Indian Court to ban it in India.

However, the best part is even after the ban, Indians can still use Tiktok and Download it from either Third-party App Stores or websites. The article given here will guide you on the same. Stay Tuned.

The Bad News: TikTok has been removed from Google Play Store in India

As of 17 April 2019, The Indian Government has officially put a ban on TikTok app and asked Google and Apple to withdraw TikTok from their App Stores. Thus creating a hustle among the Indian Youth who has been widely addicted to this amazing app. But hey, wait, here is good news too!

The Good News- People in India can still download Tiktok in India

Despite the ban over TikTok in India, users can download TikTok in India without any worries. Wondering how? The third party apps providing TikTok APK have made sure that users in India can download and Install TikTok and use it too! Want to know how? Keep reading-

Download TikTok in India

Install TikTok in India

Even after the ban of TikTok in India, users in India can still download and install TikTok on their devices. Thanks to the Third-Party App Stores and Apk developers around that you can still enjoy TikTok.

Given below are two methods to download TikTok in India, one is through TikTok APK and the other by using Google Play Store. Yes, we are aware of the fact that TikTok has been banned and that Google Play Store and Apple App Store do not have TikTok to download in India, but rumors are that this ban may be temporary. So in case, the ban is removed, you can use the official method.

Method 1:- Download TikTok APK In Indian

Just like GBWhatsApp APK, Lucky Patcher APK, Netflix Premium Mod APK, users can also download TikTok APK and use TikTok in India after the ban as well. Here is how you can do so-

Prerequisites to Install TikTok apk

Before getting into the actual procedure of installing TikTok apk, you will have to follow the below requirements-

Given below is a short step-by-step article that you will have to follow in order to install TikTok Apk on your Android device.

Step 1:- Assuming that you have followed the prerequisite, open the downloaded TikTok Apk file from the File Manager.

Step 2:- Once the file opens, Click on the Install Button.

Step 3:- After the file is installed, open the app. You are now all set to use TikTok in India.

Method 2:- Install TikTok in India through Google Play Store or Apple App Store (Not working)

Step 1:- Go to the Google Play Store if you are an Android User or Apple App Store if you are an iOS user.

Step 2:- In the Search bar on the App Store, type- ‘TikTok‘.

Step 3:- Click on the Search results and download the app by hitting the Install Button.

This was the 2nd method which is no more working but the reason why we have mentioned this method is that, as per rumors and optimistic statements from the Bytedance, the ban over TikTok in India is possibly temporary.

So in case, the ban over TikTok app is removed, you can still use this method. To know about the latest updates about TikTok and its ban, you can subscribe to our Newsletter.

What About iPhone users?

Sadly, for iOS users, there is no way to download TikTok in India, yet. They will have to wait until the official removal of the ban over TikTok.

TikTok Features (After ban)

Given below are some features of TikTok that can still be experienced by the users in India even after the ban. The best part is that Tiktok can still be downloaded and installed in India.

  • Create Videos and show your talent over the platform of the globe.
  • Add videos from Gallery to your TikTok account.
  • Create a video of photos from your gallery.
  • The timer is available for recording videos. So now you do not have to worry about holding the phone and recording.
  • Amazing tools like Interactive Gesture filter, Unlock Features like Funhouse Mirror camera effects.
  • Make Slide Shows through TikTok.
  • Hell a lot of alluring effects!
  • Background effects like Green Screen.
  • Amazing Video Editor helpful in lips syncing
  • Option to have a private or public account thus enhancing the users’ Privacy.
  • Infinite music to choose from for your videos.
  • Available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Download and Install Tiktok in India even after getting banned from Third-Party App stores or websites.
  • Reaction feature allowing others to react on your videos and vice versa.
  • Filters like VR can be activated simply by Blinking.
  • Upload Videos directly through the app.
  • Make Duet Videos with anyone across the globe.
  • And a lot more which you can know only by experiencing the app.

Final Words

That was it all about TikTok India. Hopefully, due to a vast population of nearly 120 million active users per month, the ban over the TikTok app could be removed. However, for now, I assume you all found the article useful in some way.

For any doubts or queries, do let us know in the comment section below. We will be happy to help you out. Keep visiting our page-Android Jungles for more such tech-oriented information or you can also subscribe to our newsletter and get abreast notifications of our posts.

Happy Androiding:-)

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