[Official] Download and Root Latest SuperSU Zip v2.82

Download SuperSu Zip and Flash Using Custom Recovery

In this Guide, you will be able to Download and Install Latest Version Supersu zip and apk on your Android Phone. We have shared SuperSU zip latest Version And APK in this Guide.

Download Latest SuperSU Zip and SuperSU Apk

What is Supersu?

If you ever tried to root your Android Phone. you must have come across the application called SuperSU. Supesu allows the user to keep track of all the root granted apps on Android Device. in short, supersu gives you total control over your Android phone. it was brought into existence by Chainfire. Thanks to Chanifire. The Developer introduced a mainstream app called SuperSu which allows for management Superuser access rights for the apps on your smartphone that need root access.

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What is Rooting?

Rooting for an android is similar to Jailbreaking. This is a way by means of which you can install unapproved apps, delete all the unwanted bloatware, update OS, overclock or underclock the processor, replace the firmware, basically customize anything on your phone.

Rooting allows tablet, Smartphone, and other android based devices to attain a control commonly called as “Root Access”. By the means of which, the limitations that hardware manufacturers and developers put on any particular phone can be removed. That means you will be able to replace the system or what we call, the in-built applications.

With rooting, you can run specific specialized applications that otherwise would need the administrator level permissions. You can perform certain operations that normally are not accessible to a normal Android user.

Benefits of Rooting Android

  1. You can Install Custom ROMs.
  2. You can Install Xposed Modules.
  3. it’s allow flashing modding Zip files.
  4. You can Install MODs, Kernel.
  5. You can remove all bloatware.

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Download Flashable Supersu Zip File

Details Features of Supersu Zip

  1. You can Permanent Root and Unroot Android Phone.
  2. You can Temporary Unroot and root Smartphone.
  3. Superuser access like prompt, logging, permissions, notifications.
  4. Works in custom recovery
  5. Always runs in the ghost mode.
  6. Convert into a system app.
  7. wake on granted.
  8. comes with 4 different theme options.
  9. icon selectable from 5 options.
  10. you can launch it from dialer: by pressing *#*#1234#*#* or *#*#7873778#*#* (*#*#SUPERSU#*#*)

For more features and advantages of having Supersu. you can install it on your Android phone.

Supersu Pro version

There is also Supersu Pro version available for Android Phone. The Pro version gives features like a:

  • OTA Update After Rooting Your Android Phone.
  • Pre-app logging details.
  • Password Protection.
  • you can grant or deny root access to an app for a set amount of time.
  • Pre-app PIN protection.

Download SuperSU APK


Steps to Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking

Step 1:- First of all head over to Device setting. Scroll to the very bottom and click on About phone.

Step 2:- Once You are in About Phone. Again Scroll to the very bottom and click 7 times on build number to enable Developer Options.

Step 3:- Now go back and open Developer Options and Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking.

Step 4:- Also Enable Advanced Reboot Option.

That’s it!! Now you have enabled USB Debugging and OEM unlocking.

How to Install SuperSu Zip Using TWRP Recovery

Step 1:- Download SuperSU zip from Download section above.

Step 2:- Move SuperSU zip file from your windows PC to the Internal Storage on your device.

Step 3:- Once SuperSU is moved, Turn off your device.

Step 4:- Reboot your device into TWRP Recovery mode.

To Do That:- Turn off the Device ->> Press Volume Up + Home + Power key together until your Device boot into the recovery mode.

Step 5:- Once TWRP Recovery is Open, select install to install a zip file on your Android Phone.

Step 6:- Now navigate to internal Storage on your Android Device and tap on SuperSu. zip to install it on your smartphone.

Step 7:- Tap on swipe to confirm flash to confirm installing of superSU on your Android Device.

Step 8:- Wait for a few seconds to flash the SuperSu on your device.

Step 9:- When SuperSU’s Installed, Reboot your device by tapping on Reboot.

Now you have Successfully Install Supersu app on your Android Device,

How to Uninstall SuperSu?

if you change your mind after installing SuperSU. You want to uninstall it. here is a simple method that uninstalls it.

Step 1:- Open SuperSU app on Android Phone.

Step 2:- Go to the Setting tab in the SuperSu app.

Step 3:- Now scroll down to the end and find the cleanup option.

Step 4:- Now Tap on Full unroot to uninstall Supersu from your Android Device.

Step 5:-  You will see a popup to confirm. Click on Continue.

Step 6:- That’s it!! Reboot your Android Phone. you have successfully uninstalled SuperSU from your smartphone.

Final Word

So Now you have Rooted your Android phone. you might want to try mods and custom ROMs on Android Phone. You can do a lot more things now. so explore the advantages and possibilities and customize your Android phone.

This was the Our Guide to Download SuperSU zip latest and APK and Install it Using Custom Recovery. Have any doubts> Do let us know the in the comments below.

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